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Satele Shan

Satele Shan on Alderaan

Grand Master of the Jedi Order and leader of the Jedi Council, Satele Shan was born on the Core World of Brentaal Four and is descended from legendary Jedi Bastila Shan. Both a gifted warrior and wise teacher, Satele was personally responsible for rediscovering Tython and its hyperspace route. Ever since, she has devoted herself to the Jedi resettlement of Tython and the revitalization of the order. 

Satele has played a key role in recent galactic history in other ways, as well. She fought on the front lines of several major battles–including the battles of Alderaan and Rhen Var–and was present as a Padawan during the Imperial retaking of Korriban, the first modern contact between the Sith Empire and the Republic. She is greatly respected by certain members of the Republic military, and her advice is often sought by the Supreme Chancellor. In person, Satele’s strength in the Force is matched with a keen intelligence and a subtle sense of humor. (Codex Text - Star Wars the Old Republic / SWTOR)

Codex Location 1:
After talk to Master Satele via holocom as a part of the quest Attack of the Flesh Raiders when entering the Jedi Temple.

Codex Location 2:
Near the Jedi Archives at Jedi Temple

Jedi Knight Storyline

Master Satele Shan:
"Indeed. The temple's safety is unexpectedly threatened. The Flesh Raiders were disorganized primitives before today."

Master Satele Shan: 
"I can think of no finer Master to complete this Padawan's training."

Jedi Knight cut-scene storyline first meeting at Jedi council on Tython

Master Bela Kiwiiks: "I searched the temple archives. This Force user leading the Flesh Raiders never received Jedi training."
Kira Carsen: "Then the Sith have found us. Shouldn't we get ready for them?"
Master Orgus Din: "Calm yourself, Padawan. We can't be certain of anything, yet."
Master Bela Kiwiiks: "But we've all sensed a growing darkness--perhaps it's finally revealed itself."
There is darkness here. ("The enemy I faced wanted to destroy the Jedi Order. Can't get much darker than that.")
Kira Carsen: "Well, that brightened up the room...."
What have I missed? ("Someone want to bring me up to speed?")
Kira Carsen: "We're just having a nice end-of-the-world chat."
I'm proof of that. ("Your "growing darkness" just tried to kill me.")
Kira Carsen: "See? It's not just me who's worried."

Master Orgus Din: "Everyone, this is the Padawan who saved our people in the training grounds. This is Master Kiwiiks and her extremely vocal Padawan, Kira. The other Masters are transmitting from distant worlds."
Master Bela Kiwiiks: "It's unfortunate our numbers are scattered."
Master Satele Shan: "Indeed. The temple's safety is unexpectedly threatened. The Flesh Raiders were disorganized primitives before today."
Not anymore. ("They carry blasters and work like an army. We need to find out why.")
They didn't change overnight. ("I think you've been misinformed.")
Master Orgus Din: "We clearly underestimated the natives."
But their leader is dead. ("Without the man organizing them, they're just mindless savages.")
Master Orgus Din: "I doubt it's that simple."

Master Orgus Din: "The man leading the Flesh Raiders probably wasn't acting alone."
Master Satele Shan: "Much of Tython remains unexplored, and we have few resources to spare."
Master Orgus Din: "I'll handle it--with the help of my new Padawan."
Master Bela Kiwiiks: "Orgus--you haven't taken a Padawan since Coruscant."
(if female) Master Orgus Din: "The Force is strong in her. Stronger than I've seen in decades.
(if male) Master Orgus Din: "The Force is strong in him. Stronger than I've seen in decades.
Master Satele Shan: "I can think of no finer Master to complete this Padawan's training."
Training can wait. ("I'll complete my final trials once we've dealt with the Flesh Raiders.")
Master Bela Kiwiiks: "That is what you should aspire to, Kira."
Me neither. ("It will be a privilege.")
Master Orgus Din: "Don't get too excited. You're in for some hard work."
I can--you. ("If I'm so special, shouldn't the leader of the Jedi train me?")
Master Satele Shan: "My duties to the order come first--and don't underestimate Master Orgus." (

Jedi Consular Storyline

Master Satele Shan:
"I've been treating Nalen Raloch. The pilgrims who carried him here told us of your battle. Remarkable."

Master Satele Shan:
"I have only one last question before her/his training is complete. At the moment, Nalen Raloch is reshing in a kolto tank. When he's well, what should become of him?"

Satele Shan: The Old Republic

Satele Shan: The Battle of Alderaan

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